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About Membrane Consturction

Construction of coated and non-coated synthetic fabric with cables, so-called MEMBRANE CONSTRUCTION, belong to the field of light-surface structures used as coverings of large scale spaces and roofing of surfaces with relatively wide spans. Membranes applied as a your requirement there are no restrictions for any size or shape like other conventional structures, it is the total different IDEAS. Every membrane material has a specification in which the most important properties are registered as data: Ultimate strength, elongation of rupture, tear resistance, inflammability, transparency etc. With tensile strength as a main criteria for material evaluationb, the membranes are divide into types referring to their different strengths.


Fabric which are in use in structural engineering are almost exclusively made of fluoroplastics. The advantage of these synthetics lies especially in their high permeability to light and UV radiation and an excellent non-ageing. One layer foils are prestressed just like technical membranes. Foils are generally used as double layers in a cushion shape, in which the permanent inner air pressure stabilizer, the membrane. With greater spans, foils are also laminated onto cross-barred girder fabric. Due to their high-cleaning effect, fluoroplastic are not only manufactured into foils, but they are also used directly as coatings (Glass/ptfe) or are applied to an increasing degree for surface refinement of coated fabric (for example polyester/PVC with PVDF topcoat) coated onto one or both sides.


The most important supporting elements for edges, ridges, valleys and stays in ten site-stressed lightweight structure are cable made of steel wires. For the cables which are exclusively subject to tensile stress, only high-strength steel are employed their strength is approx about three times higher than that of structural steel. Depending on the lay of the cable, the lower the module of elasticity and the greater is the elongation of the cable when under load.

The Welded Membrane Joints

The aplication of the welded seam in membrane structures has referring to load transmission and water-tightness of fabric.

Type of the Welding

Hot gas welding, Heating elements welding, High frequency welding.


We have design special brackets which can rotate as per direction of cables as well as fabric position with high tensile bolts and anchor fasteners.

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